No A Bad Dog In The Bunch

Puppy Love

Ugs a smooth black and tan Dachshund came into our life at the age of four weeks. Her eyes were to big for her face. My husband took one look at her and said, “That’s the ugliest dog I’ve ever seen.” So no matter what name I had picked out for her the poor little thing got called Ugly.

Her mother had gotten milk fever so the puppies had to be weaned early. We had to buy puppy milk from the vet. We had to mix it with canned puppy food. The only problem was when we took the puppy milk away she didn’t want to eat.

dog-55141_1280I was working and my husband did the worse thing he could do. He bought her a Happy Meal. So she got so she wanted to eat chicken nuggets. Do not start your puppy eating human food because then they don’t want to eat there dog food. Table food will add on weight and Dachshunds have the tendency to get fat because they are so short and long.

Oddly enough Ugs and my husband fell in love with each other. She got sick from worm; dumb us didn’t know to worm her. When she got sick we both realized just how she’d wiggled inside our hearts. We took her to a great local vet. He helps us pull her through.

I will tell you how dumb I was. When she started losing her baby teeth, I called the vet in tears wondering why she was losing her teeth. He laughed his head off. I had only been around outside dogs. I didn’t know Dad had bought worm medicine and gave it to his Beatle pups. I didn’t know about Parvo either. It was good that we had a vet to walk us through everything.

Later my husband had to have open heart surgery and he missed Ugs so bad that his family went together and bought a stuffed Dachshund for him to keep in the hospital room with him. While we were away from home my nephew kept Ugs. He said she missed us but took up with my great nephew which helped.

When my husband returned home Ugs stuck to him like glue. She’d set up on his pillow that he used to put pressure against his chest when he coughed to help with the pain. My husband got better quickly and I can’t help thinking Ugs love was the best medicine.